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What do we do?

We love what we do and we do it all! National Auto Parks Ltd. offers year round service to keep your commercial property operating safe and effective year round. We repair all asphalt deficiencies that may pose as a liability to the property with industry leading techniques and utilizing the best available equipment on the market. Our line painting services division can take on any project you have in mind or simply repaint your existing property and our snow cleaning services are second to none!


Contact us today and let's Get To Work!

asphalt paving and repairs being made in parking lot

Asphalt Repair & Paving

National Auto Parks offers complete asphalt repair and paving services to address the operational needs of your property. We effectively utilize industry leading equipment and highly trained staff to efficiently repair pots holes, depressions, speed bumps, repave sections and asphalt cracks a degradations. We offer infrared repairs, cut and replace, excavation services and hot crack fill services. Get in touch with us and we will provide you with excellent pricing backed by quality workmanship. 

traffic line painting being applied to public roadway.

Traffic Line Painting

Parking proponents are crucial to every commercial/residential property. National Auto Parks can repaint existing parking lines or design an entirely new parking layout to your specification that will ensure optimal traffic flow and space utilization to ensure a safe and free flowing experience for your customers. We offer standard parking line painting, custom stencil and essential stencil markings, hatched grid markings, curb highlights, pedestrian area markings and much more.

heavy commercial snow plowing and snow removal

Snow Cleaning

Snow cleaning is an integral safety and operational proponent to every commercial property. National Auto Parks winter operations are on stand by 24/7 and adhere to strict scheduling and maintenance routines to ensure we are always on time and without delay. We pride ourselves in our state of the art fleet and highly trained and experienced operators. 

We are always ready for snow, even if you aren't. Give us a call and let's build a plan that is right for you. 

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